The high quality vinyl flooring Swing type LVT – UNILIN interlocking system, thanks to their special 5-layer technology offer high quality and performancehigh fidelity in imitation of natural materials (wood, stone, resin, marble, carpet), high durabilityzero maintenancelong service life and maximum security at a competitive costs.

These floors are suitable for all indoor commercial, commercial and residential areas, such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, common areas, bars, restaurants, basements, etc.

They can be installed even on substrates with irregularities and not completely flat (such as cement, wood, ceramic, marble, terracotta).


KIKO Decking is a new 2nd generation composite wood generation decking system for outdoor, coated on all sides by a shield protecting core using an innovative engineered polymer that offers complete protectionlong service life and unparalleled quality. Thanks to their special composition, KIKO Decking system is suitable for all environments, such as commercial, professional and residential, while they allow the creation of infinite installation solutions for the creation or renovation of any type of outdoor space, such as living rooms. bars, restaurants, swimming pools, terraces, etc.


– 100% compatible and environmentally friendly with a low environmental footprint.

– Recyclable.

– Extremely durable, non-deformable and do not “crack”. Very long service life.

– Resistant to atmospheric factors.

– Temperature range: -40 to 60 degrees Celsius.

– Antibacterial.

– Safe from insects and mold.

– Antiseptics.

– Thermal and acoustic insulating properties.

– Very resistant to moisture.

– Do not absorb liquids (such as wine, coffee and oil).

– Resistant to UV sunlight.

– They do not “grey out”.

– They do not contain toxic substances (formaldehyde, gasoline).

– Easy installation.

– Zero maintenance.

– Easy to clean.